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Customers purchased Travel Card discount card can enjoy all discounts published on the website during the term of its arrival.


By purchasing a discount partner card TRAVEL CARD PARTNER, a partner can place their services and goods for free as well as use all the discounts published on the site from other partners who place their services and goods throughout the world during the period established on the card.
The cost of TRAVEL CARD PARTNER is free of charge, including the placement of goods and services of the partner in the prescribed manner; placement on the site 
By purchasing and publishing your services and products on the discount card TRAVEL CARD PARTNER on the site! It means that the partner agrees with the terms of TRAVELCARD.UZ and agrees to provide discounts for other partners and for tourists. 


By purchasing the TRAVEL CARD free discount card, you can get a three-day tour to Uzbekistan for free. We will inform you about the start date of the free tour on the website


Tourist, Partner, becomes the owner of a plastic or other card approved by OOO DREAM STAR GROUP in the prescribed manner.
1. (By agreeing to the publication of F. I. O. date and place of birth of the tourist).
2. (By agreeing to publish the name of the organization).

The mechanism of the discount cards:

Cards have a validity period, are discount travel discount cards.

Rules of tourist discount cards:

Discounts on the discount card are provided for the entire range of goods and services presented on the websites
The discount card is a plastic or other other card approved by OOO DREAM STAR GROUP and is the property of OOO DREAM STAR GROUP.
In case of loss of a discount card, the participant of the program can restore his card with the saved sum by contacting the organizer of in writing. The lost card is canceled, after which a new one is issued. To restore the discount card, you must submit any document proving your identity, which used the lost card.
The company OOO DREAM STAR GROUP reserves the right to suspend or change the entire discount program or its part at any time with or without prior notice.
The company OOO DREAM STAR GROUP is not responsible for any action not related to losses or damages arising from the changes.

Conditions for obtaining discounts on the international program

The cardholders of TRAVEL CARD discount cards can use discounts provided by partners on site only if the discount is provided directly from the PARTNER to whom the TRAVEL CARD or TRAVEL CARD PARTNER cardholder has applied, only at the first discount provision. This means that if you have already received any discounts not related to from other discount systems, then the discounts provided from PARTNERS on are not valid!

To resolve your question, you can contact the main office
Or for more detailed information and advice, you can write to the specified addresses on the site.

Founders of

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Cultural institutions of Tashkent Hazrati Imam Ensemble. P36 steam locomotive in the Tashkent museum of railway equipment. National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan. Hazrati Imam Ensemble. Art Center "Tashkent Plaza" (national decorative and applied arts of Uzbekistan). Gallery of Fine Arts of...
Sights of Samarkand The ensemble of the mausoleums of Shahi Zinda. The entrance to the ensemble of the mausoleums of Shahi Zinda. Mausoleum Gur-Emir. The ensemble Registan —Medres Ulugbek —Medres Tilla-Kari Madrasa Sherdor. Fortification Afrasiab. Ulugbek Observatory. Gur-Emir Mausoleum. Bibi...
Architectural ensembles of Bukhara. Poi-Kalyan. Labi-house. Gaukushon. Bahauddin Naqshband. Chor-Bakr. Samanids Mausoleum.       
Sights of Khiva. Ichan-Kala. Kalta Minar. Madrasah Muhammad Amin Khan. Kunya Arka. Muhammad-Rahim Khan. Juma Mosque. Palvan-Darwaza. Tash Hawley. Pahlavan-Mahmud memorial complex. Minaret Islam-Khoja. Dishan-Kala. 
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