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Entering hotel documents

1. Business documents.

1.1. Minutes: Decision of the founder
1.2. Articles of Association and Meeting of Founders
1.3. Banking documents and business administration
1.4. Contracts with subcontractors
1.5. Tax decision and documents
1.6. Orders for the appointment of management
1.7. Help in Accounting
1.8. Orders for the type of activity
1.9. Orders for employees
1.10. State and documents by state
1.11. Taxation and savings

2. International contracts

2.1. International contracts for the import of equipment
2.2. and other international booking systems
2.3. E-MEXMON and Uzbektourism
2.4. Certification and IR certification
2.5. Inventory of property, building
2.6. Lease agreement and lease amount
2.7. Documents for the State. acceptance of the building GASN
2.8. Utilities and contracts
2.9. Tourism Standards Ruz.
2.10. Many other things for the functioning of the hotel.

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