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Rishtan is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia for the production of ceramics. For 1100 years, from generation to generation, the city's craftsmen have been passing on the secrets of unique ceramics. The traditions of the art of ceramics of many neighboring ceramic centers were almost completely lost by the end of the 20th century, and only in Rishtan, and this is its phenomenon, the craft developed steadily, retaining its stylistic integrity. The peculiarity of Rishtan ceramics in its pattern and completely unique glaze, which is called "ishkor", is why the ceramics themselves are often called Ishkor ceramics.
Our guide to the world of the traditional ceramic school of Rshtan agreed to become a titled master of ceramics, a brilliant representative of the traditional Rishtan school, Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan - Bakhtiyor Nazirov.


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