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By purchasing a discount card TRAVEL CARD!

Tourists can enjoy all the discounts published on the site.
The cost of services is 100000 sums, the card is provided free of charge for one year. 

Offer agreement on the provision and use of "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" discount cards. Firms Limited Liability Company "OOO DREAM STAR GROUP" represented by director Saibzhanov Kh. B, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, and "Participant" (in accordance with the terminology defined in this Agreement), on the other hand: conclude an agreement on the provision of discount services and the use of "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" discount cards on the following conditions:

"Order a card" - a form, "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" presented on the Site, which, when completed and signed, is an expression of the Participant's consent to conclude this Offer Agreement and participate in the Program in accordance with the Participation Rules. "Agreement" - an agreement on participation in the Program, concluded between the Participant and the Organizer. "Card" "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" plastic card (non-bank) - an identification tool issued to the Participant, allowing him to receive discounts on services and goods PUBLISHED on the website in accordance with the Participation Rules. "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN". - A brand that works from an organization in the service sector.
"Discount program" - discount-discount loyalty program for regular visitors "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" by using a discount Card in accordance with the Rules of Participation and this Agreement. "Site" - a site on the Internet which contains information about the Program, including the text of the Participation Rules, which is the current and current version of the Participation Rules. "Participant" - an individual who has reached the age of 16 (sixteen) years, and a legal entity that has expressed its consent to conclude this Agreement (accepted the offer) and intends to participate in the Program in accordance with the Participation Rules.

2.1. The Organizer undertakes to issue the Participant with one of the three "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" discount cards when filling out the Questionnaire, as well as provide the Participant with the opportunity to use the "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" discount Card in accordance with the Participation Rules.
2.2. The Participant undertakes to comply with the Rules for participation in the Program and other conditions of this Agreement.

3.1. This Agreement is recognized as concluded from the moment the Participant fills out the section to order a card provided on the website and receives a discount Card.
3.2. The Organizer has the right to unilaterally change the Participation Rules and conditions, as well as other conditions of the Program and this Agreement.
3.3. Any changes become binding on the Participant from the moment they become effective.
3.4. The latest edition of the Rules for participation and this Agreement is published on the Website
3.5. By performing actions aimed at obtaining a Discount Card, the Participant, thus, confirms that he has read the Participation Rules, accepts the terms of participation in the Program, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

4.1. The Program participants can be individuals over 16 (sixteen) years old and legal entities.
4.2. From the moment of the conclusion of this Agreement, this person will be subject to the Rules of Participation with all the changes made to them.
4.3. Discount Cards "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" are issued to persons when they perform the following actions in their aggregate: - purchase of cards necessary for joining the Program. - filling in the Questionnaire to order a card.
4.4. From the moment the Participant receives the Discount Card, if the Participant provides false (inaccurate, inaccurate) information about himself or the data of a legal entity, as well as in case of untimely changes in outdated information, the Participant independently bears the risk of any negative consequences associated with such information.

4.5. Discounts on the "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" discount Card are provided only upon presentation of the discount Card before making payment for services and (or) goods that are provided on the website

4.6. Legal entity "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" Participant has the right to demand from the bearer of the discount card a document proving his identity.

4.7. For certain services and (or) goods, discounts on the Discount Card may be limited, suspended and (or) prohibited if the Program Member wishes to terminate the discounts at a certain time or permanently, about which the Member informs the Organizer via the email address
4.8. The owner must immediately inform the Organizer about the fact of loss and (or) theft of the Discount Card by phone or by e-mail: which are indicated on the website in order to cancel it and then replace it. If the Participant indicates incorrect information about himself, the Organizer has the right to refuse to restore the Discount Card in case of its loss and (or) theft.
4.9. Lost appearance Discount Card is restored and returned to the owner of the Discount Card free of charge, keeping all conditions.
4.10. The participant does not have the ability to transfer the discount card for use by second parties.
4.11.The Organizer has the right to exclude the discount Card holder from the Program Participants and thus terminate the participation in the Program of such a discount Card holder without warning and notification for any reason, including if the Participant does not comply with the Participation Rules and (or) commits fraudulent actions and ( or) abuses any rights granted by other Participants within the Program and (or) provides misleading or incorrect information to the Organizer and the program participants.
4.12. In case of termination of participation in the Program, the Participant's data will be canceled, his discount Card is blocked and cannot be used further.
4.13 The Participant (Legal entity) may at any time refuse to participate in the Program by sending a written notification to the Organizer by email.
4.14. The program is unlimited and can be terminated by the Organizer unilaterally at any time. The Organizer notifies the Participants of its decision to terminate the Program by posting a message on the website. From the date of termination of the Program, the Organizer terminates participation in the Program.
4.15. The program is not a lottery (including a stimulating one). Types and conditions of use of the Cards: "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" is a discount discount card when using cards for receiving discounts for goods and (or) services.
Discounts under the program "TRAVEL CARDS UZBEKISTAN" The sizes of possible discounts on the Cards range from 1% to 100%. The use of discounts is not limited.
4.16. The participant undertakes to fulfill and comply with all the conditions of this project, laws, customs, etc. host country, and bears full, including material responsibility for non-compliance.

5.1. By filling out the Application form to order a card for publication on the website, the Participant agrees to provide his data, that is,
Individual: Full name of the guest according to his passport, year and place of birth.
Legal entity: Company name Country of location
For listing on the site and receiving selected maps.
5.2. The processing of personal data is carried out by OOO DREAM STAR GROUP
. 5.3. The personal data obtained by the Organizer by filling out the Questionnaire for a Discount Card by the Participant is used by the Organizer solely for the achievement of the above purposes, and does not imply the dissemination of such data and their presentation to third parties without the consent of the Participant.

6.1. The Organizer has the right to unilaterally block the Participant's Discount Card by sending an appropriate notification of the fact of blocking the Discount Card (if the Participant indicates the corresponding address in the Application Form), if the Organizer has reasonable grounds to believe that the discount Card is being used in bad faith by the discount Cardholder.

6.2. The Organizer is not responsible for damage caused as a result of unauthorized use of the Discount Card, through the fault and (or) negligence of the Participant; in cases of committing administrative offenses (criminal offenses) by third parties; in the event of force majeure circumstances.
6.3. For technical reasons (failure or malfunction of telecommunication networks, power outages, as well as in other cases of technical and (or) technological failure of equipment and software), the Organizer has the right to temporarily suspend the execution of operations using the Discount Card, with appropriate information on the Site...
6.4. This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of the Participants' acceptance of this public 5 offer in the manner provided for in Section 3 of this Agreement, and shall be deemed concluded for an indefinite period.
6.7. This Agreement is considered terminated from the moment the Organizer places a notice of termination of the Program or within the time period specified in the notice.
6.8. This Agreement is a public offer addressed to an indefinite circle of individuals who have reached the age of 16, as well as legal entities. Filling out the Application form to order a card and receiving a discount card means that the Participant is familiar with the terms of the Agreement and accepts them, and from this moment the Agreement is considered concluded. At the same time, the Participant provides the Organizer with consent to the collection and processing of the Participant's personal data and their use for the purpose of executing this Agreement. The relations arising between the Organizer and the Participant in connection with the execution of this Agreement in the part not provided for by it are governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

7.1. In the event of force majeure, namely (natural disasters, hostilities, strikes, floods, pandemic, earthquake, government decrees, etc.), the parties are not responsible for their obligations.


By purchasing a discount partner card TRAVEL CARD PARTNER! a partner can place their services and goods for free, as well as use all the discounts published on the site from other partners around the world.
The cost of services is 300000 sums, TRAVEL CARD PARTNER is provided free of charge for one year.


- This card gives the owner a free one-time tour both in Uzbekistan and abroad within a certain period. Information about this service is published on the project website

- The organization will be included as a partner in various promotions on the territory of Uzbekistan, which, in turn, raises the authority and advertising of its services and products. (Is free)


Mechanism of action of discount cards: cards do not have validity period, are discount tourist discount cards.
Rules of tourist discount cards:
Discounts on the "" discount card are provided for the entire range of goods and services presented on the sites www discount card - a plastic or other card approved by DREAM STAR GROUP LLC is the property of DREAM STAR GROUP LLC.
In case of loss of the discount card, the program participant can restore your card with the saved amount, by contacting the organizer of in writing. The lost card is canceled, after which a new one is issued. To restore a discount card, you need to present any document proving your identity, WHICH WAS USED FOR THE LOST CARD.

Conditions for obtaining discounts under the international program

Card holders of discount TRAVEL CARD cards can use the discounts provided from partners on the website only if the discount is provided directly from the PARTNER, to whom the card holder of the TRAVEL CARD or TRAVEL CARD PARTNER applied, only when discounts are provided for the first time. This means that if you have already received any discounts that do not concern from other discount systems, then the discounts provided by PARTNERS on the website are not valid!

To resolve your question, you can contact the main office of, or for more information and advice, you can write to the specified addresses on the website.



UZ TRAVEL CARD offers the best conditions for cardholders: Everything for travel and a wide partner program.

UZ TRAVEL CARD offers unlimited discounts. Hotels. Tashkent. Samarkand. Bukhara. Khiva. Tours in Uzbekistan. Transport services in Uzbekistan. Restaurants in Tashkent. Bukhara. Samarkand. Sanatoriums and Pensions of Uzbekistan. Shopping. Guides, etc. The card holders can find many options and destinations for travel, the most popular cities in the CIS, Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia, the most advantageous offers and a lot of holiday ideas directly from partners. 

Travel with pleasure and receive substantial discounts. Want even more opportunities? SPECIAL OFFERS COMING SOON FROM UZ TRAVEL CARD.


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